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i'm just a senior trying to survive my ap tests and writing out notes is really helpful.

* ap biology index
* ap psychology index

☆ sorry everyone, i won't be updating anymore!! i hope you can make use of the information already here, but... there isn't going to be anything new. after finishing all my AP tests in 2012, i can't really bring myself to put any more work into this thing.

☆ never fear, though!! as exam season draws closer, there will be a definite increase in panicked students creating study blogs trying not to forget anything, so you won't be alone!
just check the tumblr tags for your respective exams.

☆ do your best!!

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hello ap nerds! since it’s that time of year again…. 
here are my ap psychology and ap biology notes from when i studied for the exams (i got a 5 and 3, respectively)

p.s. the ap tests are never as hard as the class
they follow a very predictable structure and generally test on the same things every year, so it’s 100% possible to do ok if you study

p.p.s pls stop asking me to do your homework for you! i graduated nearly two years ago i am done with homework

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Anonymous said: Explain, in your own words, what an operational definition is and give an example of an operational definition for a variable that might be of interest to a psychologist.

guys come on i graduated last year i’m not going to do your homework for you this took m e three seconds to google

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Anonymous said: please help. A researcher found that there is a positive correlation between living in a house with more than two bathrooms and grades earned. Based on this observation, why is it not possible to conclude that having more bathrooms causes higher grades? What are some alternative explanations for the observed correlation?

a house with more than two bathrooms is an indicator a wealth
assume that wealthier families can afford tutoring (or send their kid to a better school in the first place), revision books, and other educational supplements

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antonioking-deactivated20131012 said: Your blog is the shit, I just started Psychology and your blog is by far better than any website I have ever been to help me understand some of the concepts. Thank you for the help. =]

I’m glad you found it useful!! Study hard and do your best!

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whatmakesmebeautifull-deactivat said: Have you read the novel one flew over the cuckoo's nest ?

I have not, not for school or pleasure!

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chelseaaasmiles said: Don't know how I didn't see your blog before, but this is so helpful. Thank you! I am taking an Intro to Bio course in college and your index helped reinforce all the lectures. :)

Probably because it isn’t AP season anymore, haha. I’m glad it was useful though!! :)

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guys guys guys

How did you do?!

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Anonymous said: hi~ in your opinion, which are some good books/books you like to use to study for aps and sats? thank you!!

Hi! My favourite books for last minute AP test studying (read: HELP I PROCRASTINATED ALL YEAR AND THE TEST IS IN TWO WEEKS OHGAWD) are REA’s Crash Course books! I’ve used them to help me study for the AP Biology, Psychology, and US History exams.

They’re really good because they focus on information that is repeatedly tested on the AP tests. They’re very concise and outline the things you absolutely need to know for the exams. They don’t cover everything on the exam, but they usually nail the majority of it. 

Also, when I took AP Language, our teacher copied a lot of excerpts out of a Princeton Review book. That’s about all the experience I have with the Princeton Review, but I’ve heard good things about it - though it seems to be really extensive. 

As I live in an area where ACT scores are used for colleges more than SATs, I’ve never taken any SATs! I wish I could be more helpful there.

A good place to lurk/ask about what to use to study for specific AP tests or even your SATs would be collegeconfidential. Their forums are usually full of old threads and helpful people!

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Anonymous said: you dont have tags for history and approaches and methods for ap psychology index? :[

I don’t! I’ve been pretty lazy since exams and school let out, and still need to fill some things in. D:

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cultural biases

individualistic cultures emphasise independence and personal responsibility
 ex: United States

  • people in individualistic cultures are more likely to commit both the fundamental attribution error and the self-serving bias

collectivist cultures emphasise interdependence and collective responsibility
 ex: China or Japan

  • people in collectivist cultures are less likely to make the fundamental attribution error and are more likely to be aware of situational factors influencing behaviour 
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