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i'm just a senior trying to survive my ap tests and writing out notes is really helpful.

* ap biology index
* ap psychology index

☆ sorry everyone, i won't be updating anymore!! i hope you can make use of the information already here, but... there isn't going to be anything new. after finishing all my AP tests in 2012, i can't really bring myself to put any more work into this thing.

☆ never fear, though!! as exam season draws closer, there will be a definite increase in panicked students creating study blogs trying not to forget anything, so you won't be alone!
just check the tumblr tags for your respective exams.

☆ do your best!!

answered questions

selective attention

Selective attention: cognitive process of selectively concentrating on one or more aspects of the environment while filtering out/ignoring other information.

ex: Playing a video game, you don’t hear your mamma call you from the other room. But if you’re expecting a call from your best friend, you’ll hear your cell phone ring. 

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