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i'm just a senior trying to survive my ap tests and writing out notes is really helpful.

* ap biology index
* ap psychology index

☆ sorry everyone, i won't be updating anymore!! i hope you can make use of the information already here, but... there isn't going to be anything new. after finishing all my AP tests in 2012, i can't really bring myself to put any more work into this thing.

☆ never fear, though!! as exam season draws closer, there will be a definite increase in panicked students creating study blogs trying not to forget anything, so you won't be alone!
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answered questions

personality assessment


  1. Rorschach Inkblot Test
    - 10 cards with symmetrical inkblot images
    - examiner carefully records the subject’s responses, paying close attention to descriptions on animate/inanimate objects and human and animal figures
  2. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
    - subjects are asked to tell a dramatic story about a serious of ambiguous pictures, including what lead up to the event/what’s happening/what the characters are feeling/how the story ends. 
    - intended to reveal the subject’s unconscious motivation and personality characteristics

Proponents for projective tests argue that they produce a wealth of info that can give important insights into a person’s personality. 
Critics argue that the tests are time-consuming, subjective, and expensive.  


  • contain inventories of multiple choice and true/false questions meant to differentiate people on a particular personality characteristic
  1. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory
    - contains 500 + statements to which subjects respond with “true” “false” or “cannot say”
    - questions like “I am often tense at work” and “I wish I could do over some things in the past”  
    - clinical psychologists and psychiatrists use the MMPI to diagnose psychological disorders

Proponents argue that these tests are standardised, objective, and inexpensive to conduct/score.
Critics argue that people can give false answers to hide their true feelings, and that many people are not good judges of their own behaviour.  

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